CrytoSat is a company involved in the buying and selling of cryptocurriencies. We have been in the background for a long time, studying and analyzing the crypto market. We have become conversant with various tools used in the trades. Its time we share the rest of the world some tips and ideas. We are one of the best cryptosites in Nigeria and have a goal of reaching the apex and compete with the rest of the world. As Customer satisfaction and efficiency of service is our core ultimate goal.



No matter the type of website you require, we are at your service! We can help you develop several sites ranging from simple blogs to eCommerce websites, Delivery sites, Social Media sites, AutoPost functionality.

We also help in resolving your simple website issues such as; database errors, poor script presentation, server maintenance and hosting/cpanel problems. We have genius level programmers who are dedicated to bringing in the best of service. They have mastered several web languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, MYSQL and BOOSTRAP technology. As if that is not even enough, our SEO experts have outstanding results from their works. They fortify your website with the right keywords and help your work and products hit the first page of the search results of every search engine such as Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.


CryptoSat works with a lot of companies and individuals to bring about affordability and efficiency of service. These companies have a high reputation and would do everything to uphold that. Here is a list you can check;


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Don't be too shy, feel free to ask for our pricing no matter how little or large your budget is. Also try and take a trip to see our offers and pricelist.